7 Week Program running every other Saturday from February 17-May 12
9 AM – 11AM 
(with occasional longer day, will be announced)
Available to 4th-8th graders
Urban Gardening Project:
 This community project geared towards families with young students gives the participants a hands on experience in designing planning various urban garden systems and producing food. The students will be given information about the process along with instruction, and seeds and tools to work with. The goal of this project is to introduce the concept of food production and introduce the concept of self-sustainability.
At the end of the program, the student participants will have produced or gained:
•Full experience of planning, preparing, and planting a variety of gardens including: Flatbed, Barrel Garden, Raised Bed Garden, Straw Bed Garden and a field trip to a local farm.
•Experience in canning and food storage
•Experience in teamwork
•Public recognition for their participation 

To enroll for ‘Fresh-Op’ 2018 program, please fill out the form below.