East End Lyric Access

The Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center is pleased to announce a new program to better connect with the East End Residents, ‘East End Lyric Access.’  This program was created by Tim Small, and will begin the summer of 2018.  The ‘East End Access’ is a way for the Lyric Theatre and East End Residents to connect directly and support each other.  This program was created in order to give East End Residents access to musical and theatrical events at the Lyric Theatre.  The Lyric Theatre will be giving away four seats exclusively to East End Residents. The Lyric Theatre will also be giving East End Residents first opportunity to sign up for our programs.  Scroll down the page for upcoming East End Giveaways.
East End Residents will only have to sign up once in order to be considered for the giveaways and will be chosen at random.  Participants will only be allowed to win one giveaway a year, and will re-set at January 1 of the next calendar year. You do not have to be present in order to win any of the East End Access Giveaways, but upon receiving your tickets you will need to prove residency in the East End via ID, Utility Bill, or Mailing Address with your name on it. 
*Restrictions that Apply:
     – Must be a resident of the East End. Residency set by the East End Community Partners
        Elm Tree Lane to Midland Avenue and East Second Street to East Seventh Street 
       (all streets in between)
     – Must come to the Lyric Theatre in person to sign up for the East End Access
     – Lyric Staff or Lyric Board Members can not win the East End Access Giveaway 
       (even if they do live in the East End)
     – Must be 16 years of age or older
     – Tickets are non-transferable and can not be re-sold.
     – Winners must come to the Lyric Theatre in person to pick up their giveaway a week before the date of 
       the show. Must provide proof of residency with name. (ID, Utilitiy Bill, Lease, Rental Agreement, etc.)
     – East End Access Members are only allowed to win one event per year. Member’s status will then re-set 
       at the next calendar year on January 1.
     – Only can sign up once to be in the ‘East End Access’ and multiple sign ups are prohibited.
The first ever ‘East End Access’ Giveaway will be tickets to the show ‘George Clinton and the Parliament Funkadelic’ at the Lyric Theatre on Thursday, August 23 at 8 pm.  
The Lyric will be giving away 4 seats along with an additional 6 seats as a Lyric Donation thanks to a Lyric Patron.  There will be a total of 10 George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic Tickets for East End Residents.  To enter for a chance to win please come to the Lyric Theatre and sign up for the ‘East End Access.’  
You must be an East End Resident and *Restrictions Apply (please scroll up to see the restrictions). 
Winners will be announced on Friday, July 29 before the Black Lens Summer Film ‘Star Wars: Rogue One.’ You do not need to be present in order to win.
The second event for the East End Access is the Lyric Theatre’s ‘Learn To Play: Percussion Edition.’ Residents of the East End will have the first opportunity to sign up for this free music class.  For this edition, we will be learning percussion. The first class will introduce everyone to beats with bucket drums.  Then the class will be able to choose which instrument they would like to use from bongos to maracas and much more.  July 21 the ‘Learn To Play’ class will put on a performance for all to see.
If you are an East End Resident and are interested in signing up for ‘Learn To Play: Percussion Edition’ please come to the Lyric Theatre to fill out a form, call the Lyric Theatre at (859) 280-2218, or fill out the form below.